Welcome to Kings Road Apothecary

Hi, my name is Rebecca Altman, and you've stumbled upon my little web shop.

I started Kings Road Apothecary in 2011. It started, at first, as a step upon a path-- I had wanted to open a brick and mortar store and envisioned a place where people could stop in for a cup of tea, learn about the herbs that were hanging to dry from recent wildcrafting trips, come to classes, have consultations and healing work done, and all in the middle of my neighbourhood so that it became a community place, a little warm hearth in the center of Los Angeles. Interestingly, my vision never wavered, but I realised over time that I was creating this same thing on the internet-- a community of people who, although they can't always stop in for a cup of tea, do write to say hello, send little notes, who's names I see repeatedly show up in my inbox over the almost 6 years I've been open. 

All of the products here are made by hand, in small batches, by me, from plants I've gathered [ethically, consciously, reverently] in and around Southern California. I use organic ingredients whenever possible. When I use plants that I buy from elsewhere, they are organic as much as I can source them, and usually grown by people I know, or small companies. When I don't have access to wildcrafted ingredients, I use my network of trusted herbalist friends across the US, who wildcraft things for me. 

My goal, as a maker, is to connect people to the earth, and that is the intention running through every single product here: to connect you to the earth, to connect you to the untamed core of who you are, and to help you find the space to express that into the world. A big order, I know, but we all have to have our goals... 

To learn more about me personally, visit my website here


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