rebecca <at> kingsroadapothecary {dot} com


For consultation requests: 

I see clients at my home in West Hollywood and at a distance via Skype or Google hangout. I work primarily with mood and hormonal imbalances, creative depression, existential misery, and people who feel rudderless in a confusing world. I do, however enjoy working with various other health concerns too. If you have a health issue you'd like some help with, please email me and we can figure out if we'll be a good fit. 


For wholesale requests: 

I make products in small batches, based on what fresh plant matter is available to me, usually in the wild. For that reason the majority of my products aren't available for massive wholesale orders. If, however, you'd be interested in smaller orders (10-50 of each product) then I'd be delighted to accommodate you. Please email or phone for prices. 

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