Holiday open house party

When: December 16th, 2016

Where: My home/ apothecary in West Hollywood

What time: 11am-3pm


I receive a lot of emails asking if i have a brick and mortar store where people can stop by and try things, and, well, I don't. I have a kitchen and a workshop and it's all very messy and not usually fit for public viewing. But, because I'm not really doing any holiday sales this year, I've decided to have a party so that people can come by, try things, hang out for a while. 

There will be reishi-cordyceps hot chocolate on tap, along with some pinon liqueur and some blackthorn liqueur. I'll have a gift-wrapping station so we can get all of your gifts wrapped up nicely.

I'll be offering discounts to everyone who comes. 

This party is my last hurrah of 2016. After this, I'll be sending out a few straggling orders on Monday morning then closing up shop for the holidays. So, come and have a drink, say hi, do some shopping. I absolutely love meeting my customers, and this will be a really nice relaxed day. 

Please RSVP below so I can send you my address and more info. 


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