Albizia + Mimulus: Enlightenment Elixir

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This uplifting, giggly elixir is made from albizia bark and flowers, monkeyflower leaves and flowers, and black sage leaves and flowers. It has a pretty specific purpose: to lighten the spirits. Albizia, also known as 'happiness bark' is almost impossible to ingest without smiling-- you just feel lighter, less burdened. 

Comes in a 1oz bottle. 

More about the herbs: 


Albizia both calms and uplifts the spirits, providing an openness of perspective that wasn't there before. It's not that it makes people giddy or silly (that's for monkeyflower, at least for me), but it opens up the world with a lightness that wasn't there before so that the things that weighed heavily don't weigh so heavily anymore. There's more *space* and more options, which, as any of us who have felt backed into a corner by stress can attest to, sometimes just seeing that there are options is enough to change things. 

Mimulus aurantiacus: 

Monkeyflower is another one of those happy little spring plants that you can't help but smile when you're around. Maybe its because they have goofy faces, or maybe its because they are just so bright, but gathering them is an exercise in giddiness. I use a lot of mimulus aurantiacus, which is our local aromatic monkeyflower, but I also use mimulus guttatus, which grows in the mountains here (usually alongside streams). Monkeyflower is one of the plants that I consider 'sanguine'. That is, it uplifts the spirits, makes you a bit giddy, a bit giggly, a bit lighter. It's not so ungrounding that it'll make you start seeing fairies (unfortunately) or start acting high (thankfully) or even not be aware of reality but at the same time, it, well, it's a bit like you're walking home from the emotional stress grocery store with six heavy bags full of stuff and a gallon of [emotional stress] water, and someone comes along and says 'hey want me to grab that water for you?' and they do and instead of stealing it they just walk with you back to your house telling you nice jokes and stories along the way with this giant thing of water on their shoulder. That is monkeyflower. 

Salvia Mellifera: 

I added this black sage to ground the formula out a bit-- with just the other two it'd be very uplifting but have no gravity to it. This draws the happy down into the body a bit so you don't up and float away. 

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