Conifer forest gift box

Conifer forest gift box
  • $60.00

This box is inspired by the feeling of winter in the forest: sipping a mug of Conifer forest tea Douglas fir, turkey tail and hawthorn tea while the air around you is crisp and clean and smells like snow and pine. Slathering your body with pinon-resin infused conifer body oil, scented with oils of pinon, white fir and Douglas fir (FYI this oil makes a truly glorious beard oil too). Forest soak is a bath salt blend, with incense cedar, thuja, redwood, white fir, douglas fir, ponderosa pine, piñon pine, frankincense and alder smoked salts. But then, the salts are infused with herbs: reishi, devil's club, hawthorn and wild rose. The salts smell of the deep, dank woodlands, with a hint of woodsmoke on the air (a tiny bit, its not overwhelming) and it makes you feel like you have stepped into a timeless world where Ents live.



This box comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box. 

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