Dark Waters: Lymphatic bath salts

Dark Waters: Lymphatic bath salts
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I have a few jars of these lovely salts leftover from the Salt + Water surprise box. 

A detoxifying seaweed bath, with black salt, dead sea salts, activated charcoal, wildcrafted ocotillo, wildcrafted cleavers, calendula, wildcrafted alder, wildcrafted bladderwrack seaweed, lavender and mint. 

The herbs: lymphatics that support the body's batural detoxification processes. The seaweed: mineral-rich, pain-relieving, nutritive. The charcoal pulls away impurities. The salts are full of minerals.

The result is a bath salt blend that re-mineralises your body as it assists the body's detoxification, and draws away impurities. A bath of balance. 

Yes, this will make your tub a complete and utter mess.
Yes, it’s totally fun and worth it.


Comes in an 8oz glass jar. 


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