Deep Roots: a box of connection to your self.

Deep Roots: a box of connection to your self.
  • Deep Roots: a box of connection to your self.
  • Deep Roots: a box of connection to your self.
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Deep Roots: a box of connection to yourself. 


Winter: The cold time, the fallow time, when we gather around the fire and think about what’s coming for the next year. It’s a time for bunkering down, putting meat on our bones, of food, of nourishment, and of deep deep roots. I like to look at this time as the time when we set intentions and figure out our course for the time ahead, as it is when the winter is at its darkest that the light of a future goal gives us the impetus to move forwards.

But setting intentions is very hard if you don’t know who you are or where you stand. We think we want so many things, but the choices that come from the heart are those that are the best choices for us, and sometimes there is so much noise around us, so many things pulling us in different directions, that hearing our deepest selves can be tough. In order to hear ourselves, we have to KNOW ourselves, and in order to know ourselves, we have to be connected to our roots.

Roots dive deep into the earth: that which is stable, secure, solid. Our roots are our stable base— that which keeps us on track, like the keel of a boat (a long deep root that reaches into the water from the boat’s bottom) keeps it from flipping over or scurrying about all over the place. That keel keeps the boat balanced and on track. Our roots do the same.

Roots provide stability and nourishment: they feed us, give us energy and help us grow.  Our roots are our deepest, most sustaining energy levels— that which fuels us over the long-haul, gives us the will and drive to keep going, to set long-term intentions and work towards them.

Roots describe where we come from, which to me looks like a tapestry made of community and place. Of course when you have deep roots in a community and place it does keep you nourished and give you energy: for as much as being a part of a tight community can be a pain, it is also something that supports you when in need. For those of us who either don't have this, or left it, finding strong roots inside ourselves is even more important. 

Roots are our ancestry: that which through our blood leads back in genetic time to explain characteristics we have that are seemingly completely out of the blue. Our roots in many ways are a determining factor in who we become, though of course the other determining factor is (thankfully) our free will. Roots contribute to creating that which is the core of our being: the very heart of who we are, which beats strong and fiercely despite the onslaught of the world around us. Strong roots lead to a strong self. When we’re exhausted, and depleted, our roots can wither. When our roots wither with exhaustion, our sense of self and drive to move forwards fades away too. To nourish the root of an organism is to nourish that which makes it what it is, and keeps it growing and moving forwards. And if you’re going to nourish the roots, this is the best time of year to do it naturally, when the world around us is doing the same.

The Deep Roots surprise box is going to be an exploration of these roots. I’ll be using some of my favourite roots (ashwagandha, mullein, kava kava, spikenard, devil’s club, osha, shatavari), but also other herbs that help to contribute to this root energy: milky oat, tulsi, reishi, hawthorn.

The purpose of this box is to strengthen those roots, and draw your energy and awareness towards them. During this fallow time of year, when the world around us is drawing down into the earth, we’ll be drawing down too, burrowing into the very basis of who we are, to find that connection that can be heard amid all the noise, so that you can know who you are and where you want to be. From here, you can do anything, because you are standing in a place that is purely yourself, and full of your own power.

This box will also deepen your awareness, make you stronger, increase your ability to handle stress, and to face the world head-on, and yes, over time increase energy levels, though I think of that as a side effect not a primary focus

In the box will be a tincture or elixir, a tea, a drinkable powder blend (like a hot chocolate but not!), and some sort of external use body product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist. Possible ideas so far include:


Root + Restore Spiced root tea blend
Rooted: a tincture to connect you to your deepest roots
Deep roots powder (like a hot cocoa type drink)
Root beer syrup
Ashwagandha and aralia infused syrup
Devil’s club, reishi and aralia tincture
Deep roots grounding and energy restoration bath
Smoky root incense blend
Roasted root coffee blend
Root + Restore atmosphere mist (devil’s club, douglas fir, black sage root)
Grounding root bath decoction
Restorative root elixir (for adrenal health and function)
Root energy salts
Restorative truffles


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a little bifold and information about the plants used in the box, about the winter, and how to find our roots, and a recipe or two.

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