Deep Roots: a box of abundance.

Deep Roots: a box of abundance.
  • Deep Roots: a box of abundance.
  • Deep Roots: a box of abundance.
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Deep Roots: a box of abundance.


 {{ Because, in order to grow to your fullest potential, you need deep, strong roots in the ground. }}

I've been feeling lately, in my own body, a need to burrow deep, deep into the earth-- to feel my own roots extend out of me and let in all the nourishment and support that the world offers, like magnets sucking metal in, or like a colour-less picture letting colour in from the surrounding universe. 

I've been thinking about is how abundant the earth actually is. Yes, we have an overpopulation issue, yes, there are plenty of resources that seem scarce, but, if you've seen the way a single fruit tree can provide far more than you could ever want, you understand what I mean when I say that the earth is SO abundant! But, maybe we need to change our perspectives enough to perceive this abundance in the first place. Which brings me to this month's surprise box. 

When I think of abundance, I usually think of fruit-- the things that pop up at the end of the stalks or branches-- the things that are 'useful' to us. But abundance, I think, actually starts a lot deeper than that, in the earth below. It starts with a seed, and with nutrients in the soil. It starts with the soil being able to give that seed what it needs to grow, and with the seed being soft enough to accept these nutrients in the first place. And its this below-the-earth receptivity fascinates me: not a force-feeding of nutrients, but accepting what is already on offer.

Because I've learned that nourishment is always being offered: from the earth, from the air, from water, from plants, even from other people. And all we need to do is perceive it, and let it in. 

This month's surprise box is an exploration of deep nourishment and abundance, from the roots, from within ourselves, in a place where we're connected with the deep, deep energy of the earth. 


I’ll be using some of my favourite roots (ashwagandha, mullein, kava kava, spikenard, devil’s club, osha, shatavari), but also other herbs that help to contribute to this root energy: pedicularis, milky oat, tulsi, reishi, hawthorn.

The purpose of this box is to strengthen those roots, and draw your energy and awareness towards them, to teach your body how to receive what is already there, being offered freely. During this fallow time of year, when the world around us is drawing down into the earth, we’ll be drawing down too, burrowing into the very basis of who we are, to find that connection that can be heard amid all the noise, so that you have the energy to reach out and blossom to your fullest. 


In the box will be a tincture or elixir, a tea, a drinkable powder blend (like a hot chocolate but not!), and some sort of external use body product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist. Possible ideas so far include:


Root + Restore Spiced root tea blend
Rooted: a tincture to connect you to your deepest roots
Deep roots powder (like a hot cocoa type drink)
Root beer syrup
Ashwagandha and aralia infused syrup
Devil’s club, reishi and aralia tincture
Deep roots grounding and energy restoration bath
Smoky root incense blend
Roasted root coffee blend
Root + Restore atmosphere mist (devil’s club, douglas fir, black sage root)
Grounding root bath decoction
Restorative root elixir (for adrenal health and function)
Root energy salts
Restorative truffles


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a little bifold and information about the plants used in the box, about the winter, and how to find our roots, and a recipe or two.

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