Deep roots: nourishing body oil

Deep roots: nourishing body oil
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Sesame, coconut, jojoba, sunflower and avocado oils, infused with ashwagandha, devil's club, osha, aralia root and kava kava, scented with cacao, sandalwood and cardamom. 

This oil is a twist on the ayurvedic practice of abhyanga: self-massage. The practice is calming to the nervous system, and a really lovely nourishing self-care ritual. This oil, infused with grounding, nourishing, calming and restorative herbs, glides on beautifully, is filled with nourishment, and is a beautiful way to calm your nervous system and replenish your body. Smooth onto clean, dry skin, spending some time massaging it in. 


Comes in a 2oz glass pump bottle. 

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