Forest soak

Forest soak
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I just made a big batch of this for the Smoke & Sacred surprise box and I'm not joking when I say its one of my best formulas yet. It's a bath salt blend, with incense cedar, thuja, redwood, white fir, douglas fir, ponderosa pine, piñon pine, frankincense and alder smoked salts. But then, the salts are infused with herbs: reishi, devil's club, hawthorn and wild rose. The salts smell of the deep, dank woodlands, with a hint of woodsmoke on the air (a tiny bit, its not overwhelming) and it makes you feel like you have stepped into a timeless world where Ents live. Yes, I said Ents. I'm not even joking- ask my super choleric husband who isn't into any of the woo-woo stuff I am and he'll tell you the same. They're utterly brilliant, and I have 8 jars leftover now that I've bottled it all up for the Smoke & Sacred box, and I promise you won't regret this bath in the slightest :). 


Comes in an 8oz (by volume) glass jar

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