Hearth + Home: a surprise box for the dark days of winter.

Hearth + Home: a surprise box for the dark days of winter.
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(note: if placing an order from outside the US and needing it in time for the holidays please email me first!)


Above you the stars hang suspended, flickering, close and bright. Below you the snow is crisp and untouched. Around the edge of the clearing, pines and firs, thick and lush, amid them dancing little unearthly looking lights that beat back the shadows that chased you here. And at the edge of the clearing, a small cottage. Numb toes forgotten, you walk towards the cottage, feet crunching with every step. Lantern light glows from the windows and the warmth coming from the house is palpable, like a beacon thrumming in time with the beat of your own heart. Home. It says. Over and over again. Safe. It says. Rest, it murmurs.

It’s been a long, difficult journey. This isn’t home forever, but a brief stop before you get back out there and carry on, but for now, you know in your bones that you are safe, protected, taken care of, and so you can put down your weapons and let yourself truly, truly rest.

This month’s surprise box is a flicker of light amid the darkness. A warm hearth in a little cottage surrounded by dark forest, a place where you can take off your travel clothes, put up your feet in front of the fire, and sip on mulled ponderosa hot cocoa, flavoured by the forest around you. It’s a nourishing, nurturing, warm light of a box, for those of us who are exhausted from the constant struggle and aren’t sure how we manage to keep going.

Soon. Soon you can get back to work, get back to fighting, carry on with the tasks you’ve been set, your missions, your struggles, your heartaches and hardships. But for just a bit, put your feet up and feel taken care of: some ease, and some nurturing. Because all of that other stuff is always going to be there, but now it’s time to replenish your reserves, so that you can keep moving forwards, and maybe with a bit more ease.

This box is a step into the hut on the edge of the forest, an enchanted box made from the high elevation forests: White fir, Jeffrey pine, Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, spruce, juniper. It’s going to contain some nourishing, nurturing, energy-conserving and rebuilding herbs to replenish your reserves (ashwagandha, tulsi, milky oat). And it’ll contain warming spices, things that taste delicious, smell luxurious, and make you feel taken care of.

In this box, you’ll receive four products, all centered around and exploring this topic. You can expect a tincture, a drink (like a tea or powder), a body product and an edible/ culinary product of some kind. Some ideas I’ve come up with so far are:

Pinon + juniper mulling spices
Ponderosa pine hot cocoa
White fir + piñon spiced liqueur
Ponderosa and piñon spiced honey
Spiced pine restorative syrup
Smoked conifer + vanilla sprinkling salts
Dark forest room spray
Butterscotch + ashwagandha + ponderosa body butter
Ashwagandha + douglas fir forest tea
Deep forest tincture (a blend to help restore a worn out body)
Ponderosa + Vanilla + Smoke bath salts
Smoked forest body oil
Smoky forest tea
Ponderosa + piñon incense
Deep forest nourishing infusion


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a little bifold and information about the plants used in the box, and a recipe or two.

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