Maple + Roots: a restorative elixir

Maple + Roots: a restorative elixir
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I made these elixirs for the Root + Restore surprise box.

Organic, grade A maple syrup, infused with fresh aralia californica, devil's club root, calamus, sarsaparilla and a touch of osha. It's infused for 48 hours, and then the resulting syrup is combined with fresh milky oat and ashwagandha tinctures. The elixir is sweet, nourishing, restorative, and delicious. It grounds the nervous system, and helps to restore energy levels to those who are feeling worn out and run ragged. I love to use a squirt or two of it in a mug of Reishi-Cordyceps Hot Chocolate at the end of a long day. 

Comes in a 2oz bottle. Keep refrigerated. 

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