Mycelium + Magic: a surprise box of connection

Last month's Deep Roots surprise box.
  • Last month's Deep Roots surprise box.
  • Last month's Deep Roots surprise box.
  • Mycelium + Magic: a surprise box of connection
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*** Ships around February 22nd**


Mycelium + Magic.

Spongy moss underfoot, the air is damp with humidity. The light around you, filtered by so many leaves, is green, and sounds are muffled by all the softness. Welcome to the forest; magic is underfoot.

Underneath your feet is a web that’s invisible to the naked eye: it stretches out across the forest floor, connecting everything it touches: trees, plants, decaying leaves…. you. Each time your foot touches the ground, the web knows and transmits this information all over itself. Every time you step, you’re connecting to something bigger than yourself, and it, in return, is connecting with you.


We as humans in the modern world spend a lot of time moving forwards. We want to be faster, more productive, more driven, more focused. And yet, let’s take a step backwards and look at a bigger picture for a moment: all of that forward momentum, let’s call that ‘fire energy’. And its opposite, left in the dust, is the water. It contains the seeds of that which gives life to everything on this planet. It’s deep, hidden, mysterious and connects to everything around it. We live in a world that reveres fire; we live in a world that tries to ignore (or pollute) the water.

In a world that’s so focused, driven, hard, we push away the expansive, connected, soft. But in order to be whole, we need a balance of both. The fire, that forward momentum, that’s the purpose. It’s the fire that gives us the passion to wake up every morning. But… the softness, the water, the expansiveness? That’s the meaning; that’s the soul. Moving forwards so fast that you lose your connection to the world around you is all drive with no meaning. And we wonder why we feel so lost. 

We in the modern world need connection more than ever before. We feel alone, because we’re cut off, from the earth, from the world around us, from the people around us.

But step into the forest, and everything starts to shift. Your breath as it empties your lungs feeds the trees around you; your feet as they touch the soil send messages throughout that web. All the creatures in that forest know you’re there the second you enter, and you, on some level, you know what's there too. This is a world where everything is connected. And this is exemplified, epitomised, by the mycelium.


Mycelium operates on a level that’s entirely alien to us thinking, mental processing creatures. Comprised of up to 95% water, mushrooms are closer to humans in DNA than other plants. They have their own immune systems, produce vitamin D like we do, and have a web of connection that links information instantly.

This surprise box is to help us tap into the hidden parts of ourselves— the soft, relaxed, connected parts. The parts that don’t necessarily think but feel. The parts that experience without needing it to be on a schedule, with a purpose. I’ll be using various wildcrafted* medicinal mushrooms to do this: reishi, turkey tail, chaga, lion’s mane. I’ll also be using other herbs that help us tap into that part of ourselves: pedicularis and rose namely.

It’s a medicinal mushroom box on the surface, but underneath it’s so much more: its a box of connection to the world around you; a box of softening, of letting the world in, to provide that soul, that meaning, and that magic that seems to be missing in our constant drive forwards.

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

Medicinal mushroom umami powder

Reishi, turkey tail, chaga and lion’s mane oxymel

Porcini & magic black cocoa

Oakmoss & Douglas fir body oil

Reishi, hawthorn, pedicularis & rose elixir

Medicinal mushroom tincture blend

Medicinal mushroom broth blend

Reishi & turkey tail forest tea

Reishi, chaga and turkey tail oxymel

Oakmoss & Reishi forest bath

Mycelium & Magic: dark forest incense blend

Mycelium & Magic: a connection elixir

All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a bi-fold describing some of the herbs used, with recipes and an exercise to try.


*All the mushrooms I’m using are wildcrafted by me or herbalist friends in various parts of the country. I don’t support illegal or unethical chaga harvesters but did happen to be sent a lovely chunk of it recently. Same goes for the other mushrooms I’m using.

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