Ocotillo & Pedicularis: a love song to the flow of life

Ocotillo & Pedicularis: a love song to the flow of life
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All of life is movement. From the earth below us moving at its geological pace, to the air that changes direction with the beat of a feather. That which doesn't move is stagnant, and that dies pretty quickly (though, even in death there is no stillness: bacteria consumes, algae grows, and death is actually a transformation). 

Life itself flows from one state to another. And when we are within that flow, we feel the most ourselves; the most alive. It’s from that flow that creativity arises, that good ideas come, that we feel unencumbered, free. It’s from this place that the best things happen in life, because we aren’t resisting all the beauty that life has to offer us. To be in flow is to be immersed in life instead of thinking about immersing in life; to inhabit yourself fully; to simply be.

But things get in the way of our own flow state: we start to stagnate, in life and in our bodies. When we stagnate, we become irritated, frustrated, emotional, tense, and highly stressed. The reasons for this are numerous, but there are some areas that are really common for us to feel we hold ourselves back, or put pressure on ourselves: our pace (some of us are naturally faster or slower than ‘average’ and it doesn’t feel good when we aren’t able to move as fast or as slow as we want); our own emotions (sometimes we feel things that are ‘irrational’ so we stop ourselves from expressing them); our own sexuality (do I need to even outline the number of ways we’re taught to hold ourselves back here?); our own creativity (too weird! too big! too loud!); or even our own power. Regardless of the reasons, the results are the same: we feel like we’re somehow caged, contained, unable to move as we want to, and it doesn’t feel good. 

In releasing stagnation and stepping into our own flow, we let go of the ways we hold ourselves back, from our own movement, our own pace, our own creativity, and our own power. 

This is a surprise box to let the flow happen: A stagnation-releaser; a love song to the river of beauty unfurling all around us; and a 'yes' to getting out of our own ways, and allowing life to happen. 


I’ll be using three main herbs: Ocotillo, Pedicularis, and Rose. 

Ocotillo is a deep energy mover. It moves energy in the pelvis, in the blood, in the deep, old energy of the body. It dredges up the old, deep stuck energy and gently, softly, calmly, brings it to the surface, moving it through the liver so that it can be processed (in the case of toxins) and through the consciousness so that it can be processed (in case of grief and trauma). 

Pedicularis relaxes tension: in the skeletal muscles that make us feel tight and tense, the kind of tension that holds our emotions tightly wound, and the kind of tension that keeps us mentally rigid. Taking it, you feel your muscles let go, and then your mind starts to relax, and the world feels curious, open, and wondrous again.  

Wild rose softens our hard places, releasing tension that keeps us prisoner in our own protective shells. In doing this, it releases pent up grief and frustration, and the tension that holds ourselves still, stuck, and unable to express ourselves. We build ourselves such safe traps, to keep ourselves safe, and rose, in its gentle way, teaches us that we are strong enough to let down our guards and let the world in. As a result, we become softer, more open, more able to experience the world around us. 


In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

Ocotillo, pedicularis and wild rose infused body oil
ocotillo, pedicularis, hawthorn and wild rose incense
Flow state bath salts
Ocotillo, wild rose and hawthorn bath decoction
Flow state: stagnation-mover tincture
Rose quartz, ocotillo, pedicularis and rose medicine bundle
wild rose, rose quartz and ocotillo blossom heart elixir
pedicularis, ocotillo blossom and wild rose smoke blend 
rose, ocotillo blossom and hawthorn berry switchel
Ocotillo blossom, wild rose, pedicularis and hawthorn tea
Flow state: atmosphere mist
Heart center elixir: ocotillo, pedicularis, wild rose, hawthorn


All of this will come wrapped in linen with a bi-fold describing the herbs used, with recipes.


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