Pinon pine and juniper digestive bitters

Pinon pine and juniper digestive bitters
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Digestion sluggish? Feeling tired after meals? Feel like your food sits like a lump in your belly after you eat? 

Bitters used to be an every day part of our diets but they've fallen by the wayside in favour of more sweet flavours. Unfortunately for us, the bitter flavour stimulates all your digestive juices to start releasing, all the way along your digestive tract. Without bitters, your digestion isn't working optimally, which means that you're not getting every possible nutrient out of your food. 

But its ok. Because bitters can be fun and delicious. These Pinon pine and juniper bitters are made from the plants in the pinon flats in Southern California. Pinon, juniper, artemisia, gentian, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon peel. Take 20 minutes before meals to stimulate secretions along the entire digestive tract, for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. 

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