Prickly Pear + Hibiscus White Tea

Prickly Pear + Hibiscus White Tea
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The cactus paddles were gathered in the Santa Rosa mountains (most of them under a giant pinon tree!), and I brought them home, peeled them, then painstakingly dehydrated them. The dehydrated cactus is then mixed with hibiscus flowers, rose petals and some beautiful white tea tips. 

Cactus paddles are incredibly soothing, moistening and tissue-healing.

Hibiscus has a gorgeous slightly sour flavour, is cooling and soothing and moistening too.

Rose is cooling and calming.

The three in combination make a lovely soothing brew for the end of the summer when the heat just won't calm down and you're starting to feel dried out and irritated. It'll moisten dry intestines, dried out lungs, and cool, calm and soothe an irritated psyche. 

I personally like to serve this tea chilled with a bit of honey, but it's also delicious served hot.

It contains caffeine. 

Comes in an 8oz glass jar.

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