Reishi + Schizandra + Hawthorn elixir

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For about 2 months, I'd make myself a reishi-hawthorn-schizandra decoction at night, and find myself in this state that could only be described as contented expansion. I felt connected to everything in the world around me, and yet contained within myself, and content exactly where I was. I tried it in tincture form with these gorgeous fresh reishis I was sent from oregon, and found it to be just as contentedly expansive, and so, here it is. 

Who will benefit from this tincture: 

If you're often stressed and agitated, with your mind jumping from thing to thing. If you feel emotionally volatile and are looking for a seed of calm amid the mental and emotional storm. Take this tincture three times a day and you'll start to feel that seed of calm emerge, a level of self-containment with an expanded view of your situation that helps to calm the stress and agitation that surrounds it. This is sage medicine, deep and old and wise... 


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