Kava collection

Kava collection
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This box is a kava kava infused box of relaxing, sensual, other-wordly goodness. Mind-altering and incredibly relaxing, give this box to someone who needs desperately to unwind. 

It contains: 

Deep roots bath salts. 

These restorative bath salts contain ashwagandha, milky oat, rose and kava kava. The ashwagandha and oats are alteratives that help with the body's ability to handle stressors, while at the same time replenishing the body's reserves, so that you have more energy over time. The rose calms and relaxes tension, helping to release emotional stagnation, and the kava kava is a mind-altering relaxant that makes you slightly giggly and giddy. 

Deep roots body oil. 

This oil is a twist on the ayurvedic practice of abhyanga: self-massage. The practice is calming to the nervous system, and a really lovely nourishing self-care ritual. This oil, infused with grounding, nourishing, calming and restorative herbs, glides on beautifully, is filled with nourishment, and is a beautiful way to calm your nervous system and replenish your body. Smooth onto clean, dry skin, spending some time massaging it in. 

Kava & coconut hot cocoa

A mind and muscle relaxing hot chocolate blend, with kava kava, coconut, cinnamon, Dutch cocoa, and raw cacao. 


All of this comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box. 

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