Root + Heart

Root + Heart

This magic potion of an elixir serves a specific purpose: to connect people to who they are. 

My favourite clients are those who are a bit creatively lost, those who feel like they should be doing something, like they want to find themselves, can't understand why they don't feel fulfilled when they have everything in life, and just need... something. I see a lot of clients like this because I was like this myself, and I think that along the path of life we're often called to work with people who we have similarities to. Regardless, I found myself using this formula time and time again. It contains: 

Devil's club root bark: Devil's club, among many things, is a potent grounding root, that, in this combination really strongly helps a person ground in both their selves and their ancestry (which is our blood, and the basis of who we are in some ways). The devil's club draws the energy in and down, into the root, into the past, and provides a stable base from which one can blossom and flourish. 

Hawthorn berry, leaf and flower: Sometimes being who you are in the world, expressing that outwards, can be daunting and scary. Hawthorn provides the support one needs to express the true self into the world-- a strong hand on your back behind your heart that says 'its ok, I've got you', and from there you have the support and stability you need to be open and face the world head on. 

Wild rose petals and leaves: Wild rose is one of my favourite remedies for stress and tension. It relaxes the chest, moves 'liver stagnation' which is another word for emotional stress. In relaxing the chest and relieving stress it provides a beautiful opening of sorts, allowing one to express oneself into the world with ease. 

The formula in combination provides rooting, grounding, helps you understand and accept yourself as you are, then provides a strong hand behind your back in support, and helps you express this into the world from a stable and secure place. A combination of rooting and blossoming, strength and openness. 

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