The wild rose collection

The wild rose collection
  • The wild rose collection
  • The wild rose collection
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This gift box comes beautifully wrapped.


Inspired by the scent of wild roses in the breeze on a late spring day, this box is packed full of wild rose-infused goodness. Wild roses are calming, soothing, sensual, and relieve tension.


Wild Rose + Sandalwood Soak

Dead sea salts infused with wild rose and ocotillo, so that while you're soaking your body will be absorbing ocotillo's lymphatic action (helping your body process toxins) and wild rose's releasing of old *stuff*. The two in combination, though, in my opinion, do some strange combination of the two, helping the body process and release old griefs and angers, and letting your creativity bubble up to the surface.  This is then scented with rose absolute, sandalwood and cardamom, making for a decadent and sensual bath time. 


Wild Rose + Sandalwood Body Oil: 

Luxurious body oils containing sandalwood and rose absolutes, infused with wild roses and ocotillo, in a blend of organic jojoba, rose hip avocado and sunflower oils. The ocotillo moves stagnation, while the rose and sandalwood are uplifting, sensual and nourishing. 


Wild Rose Elixir: 

I gather these wild roses high in the San Jacinto mountains, along a seasonal stream bed, surrounded by Jeffrey pines and sagebrush. It's a meditative experience, snip, walk, sniff, look up and marvel, repeat. By the end of it, I have the scent of wild rose in my hair, on my fingers, and in my lungs, and I am feeling very, very relaxed.

You see wild roses ease tension. That stuck-in-traffic 'I don't know whether I want to laugh or cry or punch someone or all of the above' feeling where there's energy inside that just isn't moving and it needs to move somewhere. Wild rose acts as a pressure valve release, easing the tension, relaxing the frustration, relaxing the stress that has you wound tightly and ready to burst. Replacing it with a feeling of well being and calm, the knowledge that it's all going to be ok. 

This elixir is a honey and brandy tincture, that you take a few drops of as you need it. 


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