Herbal surprise box subscription (six boxes)

Herbal surprise box subscription (six boxes)
  • Herbal surprise box subscription (six boxes)
  • Herbal surprise box subscription (six boxes)
  • $420.00

**Please note: this is not available for international shipping-- if you'd like to arrange shipping to Canada or anywhere else in the world please contact me first!**


This subscription includes Priority mail shipping for 5 boxes-- (you'll pay shipping on the first month's upon checkout). You'll save money and have the boxes automatically arrive when they're ready. 


Boxes come approximately once every 4-5 weeks, but please sign up for the newsletter list to be informed of when boxes are coming, and what they are, etc.


Herbal surprise boxes work like this: 

I pick a topic-- it's usually something that's inspiring me at the time, or something that's relevant to the season (for example, I might be obsessed with tulsi and want to do a box dedicated to it; or it might be January and I'm thinking about nourishment after a hectic holiday season; or I might be spending a lot of time in the coastal chaparral region and want to dedicate a box to the plants I'm gathering there), and I'll start jotting down recipe ideas. I'll start going through these recipes and making them, and then pick the best 4, and make them up in bulk to send out to people in a box. 

The box will contain 4 products (the result of my experimentation), plus drawings and writings, all wrapped beautifully in a little fabric package, delivered to your front door. 

The plants I use in each box are either wildcrafted or organically grown. 

The kinds of things in each box vary every time, but it's usually things like: 

Scented herbal room spray
Herbal lotion (sage, rosemary, bay and mint)
Infused honey (jeffrey pine infused honey is divine)
Herbal face creams
Infused body oil 
Herbal bitters blends
Infused spirits (spiced rum? Spruce tip vodka?)
Hand made scented candle 
Tea blend made from wild gathered plants
Various seasonal tinctures (detox in the spring, cooling in the summer, nourishing in the winter)
Salves (sunburn, chapped winter hands)
Culinary herb blends
Herbal syrups (have you ever tasted white fir infused syrup?)
Oxymel (elderberry oxymel anybody?)
Infused oil (Douglas fir infused olive oil makes for delicious lunches)


They will usually come around once a month, though will sometimes take slightly longer to put together. In the product description for each box I'll write the estimated ship date and it's usually pretty accurate. 



Your subscription will start with the current surprise box unless you specify otherwise. 



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