Thinning the veil (a surprise box offering to the otherworld)

Thinning the veil (a surprise box offering to the otherworld)
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**Ships Oct 27th or thereabouts.**


**due to only having a small vial of one of the ingredients, and wanting to honour it properly, these surprise boxes will be made in small quantities; when they're gone they're gone** 


Thinning the veil

Autumn sets in. Orange sunlight bathes everything. The clouds sweep in, stormy and moody. There’s electricity in the air, and underneath it all there’s this current of change, death, decay, transformation, magic. The air sparkles with it. It’s an utterly sacred time in which the walls between ‘here’ and ‘not here’ are so thin that the other world feels as though you could reach out and touch it with your fingertips. 
For years, in Western society, we’ve tried to hold off the wildness, and control the ‘other’. Tame it, rope it off, make it something civil and understandable, both out there in the world, and inside ourselves. The wild parts of ourselves and the world are the mysterious parts, the hidden depths, the parts that FEEL and react and emote and create. The wild ‘other’ parts that can’t be contained, or controlled, or explained with reason or logic. It is instinct. It is hunger. It is other. It is like a dream, in that it shifts, changes, moves, defies all natural laws. And just like a dream, at this time of year, it starts to unfurl a bit as the world takes on a dreamy edge, and things from the otherworld flicker in the edge of our awareness. 
This surprise box is an offering to that wildness: to the dream state that used to be as much a part of our waking life as it was for sleep, but slowly, systematically got shoved to the side in the name of productivity and moving forwards. A dedication to the deeply wild, uncontrollable creative side of ourselves that snarls and seethes and pushes against the barriers of our controlled mind as we try to get by in a world that requires us to always be the same. And a prayer. For the wildness within ourselves, and in the world, where the old earth spirits dwell, and the laws of logic and reason have no hold.

This surprise box is an exploration of the connection we have to the otherworld, using the momentum of this time of year, where it is so much easier to connect with the energies around us as it is. I’ll be playing with kava kava, cacao, pedicularis, and a few drops of a bottle of ghost pipe tincture that a dear friend sent me that I had no idea what to do with but wanted to honour properly. 
In this box, you’ll receive four products, all centered around and exploring the otherworld. You can expect a tincture, a drink (like a tea or powder), a body product and an edible/ culinary product of some kind. Some ideas I’ve come up with so far are:
Kava & cacao mystic bitters
Smoky cacao kava chai
Pedicularis & kava massage oil
Thinning the veils ritual incense
kava bath bombs
cacao kava cocoa 
Thinning the veil elixir
kava and coconut spiced syrup
kava kava, cacao and sandalwood massage oil
kava kava and pedicularis bath tea
cacao and kava infused honey
kava whipped cocoa butter



All of this will come wrapped in linen, with printed recipes and information about the plants used in the box.

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