Tulsi & Gratitude

Tulsi & Gratitude
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When learning about tulsi, the first thing you will probably learn about is it multitudinous actions: tulsi is literally a pharmacy unto itself. And this is true, and important, because tulsi has so many medicinal actions that its hard to even remember them all to list them. You can get by with tulsi alone in so many different situations that you’d need a herb for, that you almost wouldn’t need anything else. But, there’s another way I like to look at this, too. And it has to do with how we perceive ourselves, our self-worth, and our capabilities. 


We learn early in life that we are ‘missing’ something, and that missing thing will come to us if we work hard enough, or are perfect enough, or just strive a little bit more. We are taught that the missing piece might come from buying stuff, or from a soulmate, or the right house. That the missing piece is missing because we just haven’t achieved enough, or lost enough weight, or because of that one time we did something bad when we were 14. 



Never are we taught to find that missing piece within ourselves. 


And never, not once, are we shown the light of our deepest beings, and shown that nothing was ever missing in the first place. 



There is so much more to us than what we see. What we see of ourselves is really just the fingertip of an entire being, pressing out of reality, into a dream world, and we see that fingertip and think ‘ah yes that is me! That is all of me!’ and yet the actual reality of who we are is a multitude of things, ideas, lives, potentials. A being so vast and multifaceted that it cannot be comprehended. 



This vastness is the part of ourselves that tulsi points towards. 


(Holy. Indeed.) 



It is this connection that makes tulsi so powerful, and gives it so many actions. Through this connection that tulsi manages to tick so many boxes that the body needs. It reminds me of one of those champagne glass towers that you used to see at weddings, where you’d pour champagne into the glass at the top, and allow it to overflow, and it would spill down the tower, eventually filling every glass underneath it, until every glass is full. All of the glasses on the bottom tiers are like all of the little actions tulsi helps with: all of the various areas of our bodies, the systems, the organs, the emotions, the cells. And as you go higher up the tower, you step back in perspective, until the very top one is simply the vastness of ourselves: no separation, no mapped out or disconnected pieces; just the oneness of being. You could, of course, run around the tower, trying to fill each glass, and it would still get done (though a lot of time would be spent wondering if a refill was coming soon). But, in filling our own cups from the deeper source of our being, we, like the champagne tower, are filled effortlessly. 



This surprise box is an exploration of tulsi medicine.


It is a box designed to connect you to your highest self: the champagne glass on the top of the tower of you. 


But deeper than that, this is a box of gratitude. Deep, deep, gratitude. Because in order to feel that connection, that part of you that is so much more than what we think we are, we need to be able to feel and receive it. And the quickest and easiest way to do that is through gratitude. Gratitude opens us up to accept what’s offered. It is the act of wrapping our hands around a gift and pulling it to ourselves. It is the ‘yes’ part, that is so necessary, in the gift process.


Gratitude is a practice. A cornerstone of existence. A state of being that renders you open and awe-struck with the wonders of life, and ready and willing to receive the good. It is a direct connection to the larger, vaster, wiser and more resilient part of yourself. And all that is required of you in the face of its vastness, is to say ‘yes’. 


So this surprise box is really about surrendering ourselves to something so much larger than we think we are, that all we can really do is whisper an awe-struck ‘thank you’ in response. And stay there, and allow that gratitude to fill us up, like a champagne glass, until it can’t do anything but bubble up and out, effervescent and alive, into the world around us. 

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

Effervescent tulsi, elder, and blackberry soda syrup (add to sparkling water). 
Tulsi and vanilla black tea
Tulsi & wild mint steam bath
Pinyon, tulsi & white sage incense blend
Tulsi & white sage* mist (for face and body)
Tulsi & hawthorn infused syrup (for every day deliciousness)
Tulsi & shatavari smoky chai
Tulsi, vanilla and pinyon gratitude bath
Tulsi & hawthorn flower & wild rose elixir 
Tulsi & pinyon infused anointing oil
Tulsi, rose & hawthorn flower bath 


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a bifold containing recipes, and writings about tulsi medicine, delivered to your doorstep, towards the end of September. 


*From my garden! 

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