Tulsi, Pinon and wood smoke: a box of transition and resilience

Tulsi, Pinon and wood smoke: a box of transition and resilience
  • Tulsi, Pinon and wood smoke: a box of transition and resilience
  • Tulsi, Pinon and wood smoke: a box of transition and resilience
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{ a box of transition and resilience // an ode to Autumn light }


Times of transition are hard for us all: despite the fact that life itself is flowing, and changing, we silly humans tend to like things under our control. 

Seasonal shifts can be especially difficult: our bodies are changing, the temperature is changing, the weather is changing, the light is changing, the foods that are available are changing (and not always at the same pace as everything else). All of this is happening on a subtle level, so it lies in our subconscious and is unsettling. It’s change, and with that change comes the knowledge that the cold months are rushing towards us.

I think this is a time when we're especially vulnerable, in a way, and so its no big surprise to me that this is the season that people tend to get sick a lot: our immune system is just another aspect of our body’s ability to handle stress, and for the majority of us, change is a stressor. 

I think the best way to handle times of transition, be they global, seasonal or personal, is to dive in and connect deeply with what's actually happening. Transitions are hard because we hold on to the past, because we don't want things to change. But if we take each moment as it is, instead of comparing it to what was, then each moment in isolation simply... is. The light might be different to what it was yesterday, but on its own its simply a quality of light. Life is like that: our health changes, our energy levels change, the people in our lives come and go, but each day looked at with fresh eyes, is often a completely different thing. If, instead of waking up and comparing the day to the day before, we took it exactly as it was, how would we feel different? How would we appreciate each moment if we weren’t comparing it to what came before? How would we feel, if we were strong and resilient enough to KNOW that we could handle the changes as they were coming, to dive in and ride them, revel in them, and allow ourselves to be changed by them in return? 

This box is an ode to the orange light that transitions us into Autumn. It's a devotional song to wood fires puffing smoke into the oncoming chill of the evening; its the smell of pinon nuts roasting in the oven; the goldenrod waving in the breeze surrounded by golden grass and velvety sagebrush; blackberries ripe on their vines, bursting warm in your mouth. All of this and the magic of holy basil, in full bloom in the warm afternoon, wrapped up in a little box, a bundle of products made with love for this transitional time. 

This surprise box is an exploration of this transition state: a box to build resilience and help you handle the stress of change… but really, at its core, a box to bring you into the present moment, to help you see and appreciate what *is*. The main plant I’ll be using will be tulsi. Tulsi (a species of basil) has so many medicinal uses that it's called 'the king of herbs' in India. Here are some of my favourite uses, and those that apply the most to this surprise box: tulsi calms the spirits, brightens and elevates the spirits, helps with stress tolerance (you can handle a lot more stress when taking it regularly), helps concentration, boosts the immune system and makes you able to handle more input from various sources. I look at tulsi as something that opens us up: opens our senses to experience more deeply, opens our eyes to see things more clearly, opens our minds to understand more, and opens our hearts to help us connect more deeply to the world around us.

This box will contain four products, that I'll be experimenting with over the next month. 

I'll be using other herbs that thrive in this time (pinon, tulsi, goldenrod, artemisia, blackberries). They will likely be four things like: 

Pinon and tulsi smoked bath salts
Pinon & Smoke digestive bitters 
Tulsi & magnolia flower stress elixir
Tulsi & pinon elixir
Mountain bundle: sagebrush and pinon smudge stick
Tulsi & pinon smoked caramel tea
Smoked pinon sprinkling salts
Tulsi and vanilla blackberry tea
Tulsi, pinon and sagebrush incense 
Tulsi and pinon resin infused honey
Tulsi and vanilla liqueur 
Pinon, vanilla & lapsang liqueur 
Pinon & tulsi & goldenrod massage oil
Tulsi & pinon resin incense
Tulsi & Pinon nut smoky chai


The box will also come with artwork and recipes. All of this will come wrapped in a piece of natural fabric (either natural cotton, linen or silk) and will ship around September 24th.  


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