Unfurling & Eros

Unfurling & Eros
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unfurling & eros

{{A return to the safety and sensuality of our bodies}}


The world around us unfurls in a cacophony of sensual pleasure. Observe the little green shoots as they curl from their seeds into the light and see if they do it without their entire beings saying ‘yes’.  Yes to the sunlight stroking their leaves, yes to the air that they take in to make energy, yes to borrowing down deep in the earth with their roots. Yes. 

We, human, body-bound, earthbound creatures, are also a part of this sensory world: the only way we can interact with our surroundings is through our senses. And each time our senses are ignited, it is through the most fundamental of them all: touch. Light touches our retinas, and we perceive colour and shape. Sound makes the tiny hairs in our inner ears wiggle, and we perceive sound. A flavour touches our tastebuds and they explode with sour, salty, bitter, sweet. And the warmth of the sun touches our skin and our skin responds as if kissed. All of our senses are being touched constantly, by various wave forms. And the gift of this touch, the way to inhabit life fully, and receive what it has to offer, is pleasure. 

Pleasure is a vital force, woven so deeply into the fabric of our world that to deny pleasure is in some ways to deny life itself. Our pleasure is our own; our sensuality is our connection to the beauty of the world around us. Where there is safety, pleasure blossoms over the simplest of things: the sunlight touching your eyelids. The cool breeze on your skin. The feeling that sizzles through you as you sink into a hot bath. 

The intention of this box is to connect you to the deeper pleasure of the universe. I’ll be using damiana: a plant native to northern Mexico, that is absolute magic at drawing us to inhabit our bodies fully. Damiana gives us the strength to soften our hard edges, making us feel safe enough to invite touch. Not just human touch, but the touch of the light stroking the rods and cones of our eyes. The touch of birdsong as it caresses the tiny hairs and bones in our ears. The touch of the breeze as it tickles our skin in the warm spring sun. Damiana strengthens our feeling of safety within ourselves so that we can unfurl into the innate sensuality of being alive, having a body that touches and is touched by the world

 There will be cameos by pedicularis, vanilla, hawthorn and rose. You will receive four products, which I’ll send out in a box, to arrive on your doorstep at the end of May. 

Possible ideas so far include:

Damiana & Vanilla liqueur 
Smoke + Sensual: a smoking blend with rose, vanilla, damiana, pedicularis
Damiana & Rose bath decoction
Damiana digestive bitters
Damiana, vanilla & Pedicularis massage oil
Damiana & Rose spiced liqueur
Sensory Unfurling: damiana bath salts
Pleasure dust (damiana & vanilla hot cocoa)
Damiana & Rose incense blend
Pedicularis & Damiana & Rose elixir 
Damiana, vanilla and orange infused honey


All of this will come wrapped in linen, with a bi-fold describing some of the herbs used, with recipes and an exercise.

These surprise boxes are made in limited quantities, and will be shipping on or around May 24th. 

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