Unfurling + Green: a box of new beginnings

Unfurling + Green: a box of new beginnings
  • Unfurling + Green: a box of new beginnings
  • Unfurling + Green: a box of new beginnings
  • Unfurling + Green: a box of new beginnings
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*****ships April 25th*****

I have this image in my head from a hike I took recently: a scattering of snow, and in the middle of it the very first unfurling tendril of a maple tree, curling out from a seed, buried in the frozen ground. ‘This’ I thought to myself ‘is what lies at the core of the wood element.’

In Chinese medicine, ‘wood’ energy is inherent in everything: it is the impetus for growth, change and movement. Picture the way that trees grow, that plants grow, up and out, towards the sun. They are fuelled by a spark of momentum that comes not from external stimulus (there’s nobody standing over the tree with a clock making the tree say ‘I need to grow now or I’ll be late/behind/irrelevant/tooslow’) but from deep within themselves, at the core of who they are: leaves unfurl in the spring because they can’t NOT unfurl.

Spring until across the northern hemisphere right now at different rates, in its own time, but in it is always that energy of movement: slow at first and gradually quickening. Turning from ‘in and down’ to ‘up and out’ and in that lies so much potential; so much kinetic energy, like a coiled spring or a pregnant pause.

This surprise box is a celebration of the unfurling spring and unleashed movement. The impetus for growth and change. That seed of action and forward movement that is inherent in every living thing in the spring, and the spark of inspiration at the root of it all:  something to get excited about, and that excitement that then fizzes through the body, effervescent and bright, like a splash of spring green or the flavour of citrus brightening up the grey skies. A wake-up call for your body and spirit, stimulating the liver into a little action.

I’ll be exploring the wood element and all of its associations: the liver and gall bladder. The colour green. Spring. Decision making and moving towards goals. I’ll be playing with all the green that is coming out around us: young violets, cleavers, nettles, horsetail. All the young, mineral-rich green plants that give our bodies a nutrient boost. I’ll incorporate the citrus blossoms that have been blanketing southern California for the past few weeks, and the citrus that we have in such abundance here that is so uplifting and stimulating to the liver. And bitters. Bitter herbs that stimulate liver function and ground us deeply in our own bodies, clarifying our vision so that we can move forwards and digest not just our food but the world around us.

This is a box of new beginnings, growth and change, both in your body and the world around you. Enough curling inwards; now is the time to unfurl and act.

In this box, you’ll receive four products. There will be a tincture or elixir; a tea, a drinkable thing (tea or such); an external use product, be it a bath (or foot bath), body oil or possibly an incense or atmosphere mist; and a culinary item. Possible ideas so far include:

Spring vinegar: a vinegar blend infused with the most mineral-rich of spring greens
Spring green infusion blend
Spring green tea blend
Unfurling: atmosphere mist (with nettle hydrosol and citrus)
Citrus blossom infused honey
Citrus + Nettle salt
Violet and orange blossom bath
Spring green bath decoction
Unfurl + Act: a tincture blend for moving forwards
Citrus blossom bath and body oil
Spring citrus bitters
Spring greens oxymel
Spring green: a formula for liver function

All of this will come wrapped in linen with a bi-fold describing the herbs used, with recipes.


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