White sage + clarity elixir

White sage + clarity elixir
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A calming, grounding, clarity-inducing elixir, containing some of my favouritelocal plants: white sage (salvia apiana), black sage (salvia mellifera), wooly blue curls (trichostema lanatuum), sticky monkeyflower (mimulus auranticus) and vervain (verbena lachiostasys). The white sage, black sage and blue curls are all aromatic and carminative, helping to blast through fogginess and stagnation in both mind and gut (in other words this formula works really nicely if you have indigestion too). The monkeyflower and vervain, on the other hand, relax the nervous system to calm fears that often get in the way of clear thinking.

I have 8 of these leftover from the White Sage + Clarity surprise box. Unfortunately I didn't write down the recipe so once they're gone they really are gone :). 

One ounce bottle. 

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